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Homeschool Simplicity is all about getting you the practical help and encouragement to be confident that homeschooling is the best choice you have ever made. 

Whether you are brand new to homeschooling or a homeschool veteran like myself, you will be able to find what you need to have a successful homeschool journey. 

We are a secular homeschooling site that offers resources on curriculum, lapbooks, activities and unit studies that help you along your homeschool journey.  But all homeschoolers are more than welcome here. 

Let me start by introducing myself

Hi! I’m Crystal. 

I am a mom of 7 and a veteran homeschooler of 6 years. 

I left my teaching degree with 6 weeks left to finish, when I realized that I would never be able to make the changes I wanted to make and schools were not the best option for many children. 

Homeschooling was not easy at first for us. 

I made so many mistakes. We have tried curriculum that were not a good fit just to have to change again. We have tried homeschool styles that made us miserable.   

We have learned and lived through many stages of homeschooling, from graduating one child to starting kindergarten with others. 


Even now, I doubt my abilities to homeschool from time to time. 

But over the years, I learned that a lot of my insecurities with my abilities to homeschool were just in my mindset and propagated by my own limiting beliefs. 

I want to help other moms to start homeschooling, push through the self doubt, and avoid burnout as they provide a personalized education and family focused lifestyle for their children. 

What you will find on Homeschool Simplicity

New to Homeschool?

New to Homeschooling? 

If you are curious about homeschooling or considering homeschooling start here. I have lined out a step by step process to take you from homeschool newbie to homeschool pro. 

You will gain confidence and understand not only if homeschooling is right for you, but what kind of homeschooler you are and what kind of learners your children are. 

Read the Blog

In Homeschool Simplicity’s blog, you will find articles on activities and resources, encouragement, tips.

 I will give you the tools, resources and encouragement to continue to grow in your homeschool through every stage of homeschooling.

You will find everything to help you rise to the challenges and enjoy the journey.  

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Join our free support group in Facebook. In our support group we regularly discuss things like special needs homeschooling, the struggle of homeschooling and home management, the joys and successes of our own homeschool experiences. 

No such thing as too small of a victory. We celebrate them all together.


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